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We are a technology leader in providing comprehensive serialized data, complete supply chain traceability, and information management solutions.

Supply Chain Traceability

Our software captures and shares critical product data and events with upstream and downstream trading partners.

Lot-Level Identification

Our scalable platform seamlessly integrates into any businesses current operations, allowing for the biggest and smallest of companies to receive the benefits of traceability.

Unit-Level Identification

We have built the most advanced and mature unit-level identification software on the market to achieve the most precise visibility possible.

Mobile Solutions

We put product authenticity in the palm of our customers’ hands. Through mobile applications, we’re providing intelligence anytime, anywhere.

Product Authentication Data Capture

Our technologies combine traceability with serialization, enabling businesses to verify the authenticity of their products.

Data for Sustainability Claims Verification

Our supply chain traceability and product authentication enable companies to easily validate their sustainable and socially responsible processes.

Traceability + Transparency = Consumer Trust

Our Industries


Life Sciences

In the heavily regulated and scrutinized life sciences industry, we help companies achieve compliance and provide them with the insights they need to maximize patient safety and data security.

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With major issues surrounding seafood labeling, socially responsible sourcing, and sustainable practices, our solutions allow fishermen and processors to confidently stand behind their products.

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Food traceability solutions bring growers, processors, and retailers the visibility needed to improve food supply chain management and quickly respond to food safety events and recalls.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Inventory management and ingredient traceability are major complexities of the CPG industry, and with our verification solutions companies can now focus on providing their consumers greater products.

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With healthy lifestyles and allergenic substitutes in greater demand than ever before, we help companies producing beverages validate their processes and ingredients.

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From product source to manufactured output, retailers use our solutions to provide the visibility to their consumers about the quality products they demand.

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Our Partners

We value the relationships we’ve built with these key strategic partners.

1st company to be EPCIS 1.1 compliant

Our ERP agnostic Global Solution in its 4th Generation that is the most robust and scalable solution on the market.

1st company to launch a consumer app to verify medication

We streamline consumer safety, efficacy, cross-promotions, product integrity, e-vouchers, retention, and instructional information.

1st company to implement software to help combat IUU fishing

We have developed the first completely comprehensive International Mobile Application across the seafood supply chain; covering catch to consumption.

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