Formerly known as IBM’s “Infosphere Traceability Server,” this leading track and trace technology allows organizations to improve business processes and gain insight into product movement and supply chain logistics.Learn More


Maintain, store and share information about product movement throughout the life of a product, using serialization and pedigree, and making your system fully compliant to regulatory standards.Learn More


The most advanced, economical, and easy-to-use software solution to meet traceability standards for growers and food processors in the industry.Learn More


Our analytical application enables organizations to gain visibility of their containers and other reusable asset inventory.Learn More

What is Frequentz?

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Our clients represent some of the largest manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals in the world. Tack on ePedigree to IRIS and you’ll be GS1 compliant and have visibility throughout the supply chain.

Retail / Food & Beverage

Using our ePTI, growers and food processors take advantage of the most advanced, economical, and easy-to-use software solution to meet their traceability needs.

Industrial & Aerospace

To our large OEM customers, using the eRAM add-on application to IRIS enables them to reduce costs, improve business insight, and reduce risk.

Why Choose Us?

  • Frequentz, under IRIS, serves many Fortune 100 Companies in over 30 countries.
  • Learn from our industry-leading customers and partners-names you’ll recognize.
  • Take advantage of our relationships working with regulatory agencies.
  • Our team is comprised of executives from the industries we serve.
  • Our clients tell us we’re nimble.
  • Our product configures to your needs, not the other way around.

Frequentz Value Proposition:

  • Fully compliant to regulatory standards
  • Ceritfied by GS1/EPCglobal-EPCglobal Software Certification
  • Value beyond compliance
  • Alliance program to drive your revenue streams
  • eVoucher authentications – Drive sales from loyalty programs
  • Track and trace or authentication
  • Cloud / VM / Server Deployment
  • Industry neutral / ERP agnostic integration

Our Mission:

Bringing innovative, leading technology to as many people as possible to ensure customer safety and protect brand integrity.

Proud Partners: