US IUU Task Force Asking for Comment on List of "At Risk" Species

The National Ocean Council (NOC)’s Committee on IUU Fishing and Seafood Fraud will release a draft of new principles for producing a list of at risk species, along with a draft list of species in July 2015.

Transitioning From Lot to Serialization-Based Traceability

Download our newly released White Paper to find out more about the transition to serialization.

Germany's METRO Group and Frequentz Form Strategic Global Partnership

Our traceability solutions will help METRO Group ensure traceability across pharmaceuticals, seafood, and produce.

2015 RxTrace Survey

This year's survey results are in and available for download.

Frequentz Launches Pharmaceutical Webinar Series

Starting June 18th

Upcoming Event: GS1 Connect Conference 2015

May 31 - June 4 * Austin, TX


Who We Are

Frequentz is a technology leader in providing comprehensive serialized data, complete supply chain traceability, and information management solutions. Our enterprise software solutions deliver valuable insights into end-to-end supply chains and critical business processes by collecting, storing and analyzing serialized, life history data.


Traceability + Transparency = Consumer Trust

Our Solutions

Information Repository & Intelligence Server (IRIS) is an easy-to-deploy information-sharing platform to track and trace product movement throughout the supply chain. IRIS delivers real-time event insights and analysis.

Overview of our IRIS platform

Our Partners

We value the relationships we’ve built with these key strategic partners.

Our Industries

Life Sciences

In the heavily regulated and scrutinized life sciences industry, we help companies achieve compliance and provide them with the insights they need to maximize patient safety and data security.


Food traceability solutions bring growers, processors, and retailers the visibility needed to improve food supply chain management and quickly respond to food safety events and recalls.


Consumer Packaged Goods

From tracking containers to inventory management to ingredient traceability, we help businesses with end-to-end supply chain visibility, while also giving consumers greater confidence in the quality of their purchases.


From raw materials management to manufactured output, our analytics solutions provide the insights businesses need to revolutionize processes and maximize their effectiveness.