Tracking the World’s Bananas

BananasThe world of bananas is huge.

Maybe it’s because the banana is such a complete food?  Maybe because it’s the original convenient and portable meal?

While the root of the banana’s prevalence in the world’s diet can be debated, one thing that isn’t is that bananas are popular.

In fact, according to 2014 global industry report, they are the world’s most popular fruit.

As consumption continues to grow, banana producers are taking note of the potential industry impacts of unsustainable practices and adapting voluntary standards.  These standards aim to address key sustainability issues along the global supply chains for bananas and include Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance.

Frequentz’s tracking technology continues to play a key role in enabling supply chain stakeholders to verify compliance with these standards and provide transparency to customers.

A few more facts about today’s world of bananas…

Infographic: The World of Bananas

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