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When you think about health, you probably think about what you consume or maybe what products you put on your body.  Now think about how these things are produced and I’m sure one of the first things you think about is safety.

Knowing how food, as well as medicine and pharmaceuticals, are produced is very important to us as consumers.  We want to understand the integrity and the efficacy of a product, from its source all the way to the point when you consume it.

Twenty years ago, before we had mobile technology, we used to collect this type of information on paper- how something was produced, where it is produced- and then file the piece of paper.  We couldn’t effectively share that information as a means of being transparent to consumers.  The extent of a product’s history was also limited.  We might know how we produced it or where it came from, but that’s where it stopped.

Today, using different technology platforms such as mobile technologies, or satellite information, we can gather where products or ingredients are moving around the globe. We can now provide that data in real time to mobile devices throughout the supply chain, all the way to the consumer.

Our partner World Food Processing has successfully integrated the food supply chain into one closed loop system that begins with new genetics, pure seed production, 100% Non-GMO conditioning plants, 100% Non-GMO ingredient processing plants, isolated soybean protein production, full fiber soybean flour production, ingredient formulation, and food processing technology. The entire system can be traced from one single seed to the retail consumer table.

We can give consumers total transparency into how their product is produced, where it came from and the authenticity of its ingredients.

To me, that’s a game changer for not only the safety and health of consumers, but also the trust brands and producers can build with their customers.

Watch a video about Mobile Traceability.

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Charlie Sweat, CEO of Frequentz

About Charlie Sweat
Charlie Sweat serves as CEO, Chairman & Founder of Frequentz, the leader in global traceability solutions.  He is an alumnus of the Stanford University School of Business (SEP) and a former Alumni Board of Directors. Prior to Frequentz, Mr. Sweat served as CEO of Earthbound Farm. During his 15-year tenure with Earthbound Farm, Mr. Sweat was able to grow its business from $10 million to over $540 million in revenues. Early in 2014, he led and completed its sale to WhiteWave Foods, Inc. on behalf of its shareholders, including private equity firm Kainos Capital, for approximately $600 million. Mr. Sweat has been recognized as a Regional Winner and National Finalist in the 2011 Ernest and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. On top of his current role at Frequentz, he is a board member of two privately held companies, as well as Global Green USA, a non-profit organization.

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