What’s on Your Plate, and Where Did It Come From?

To help consumers understand how healthy foods get from “farm to plate,” Frequentz teamed up with World Food Processing, a leader in non-GMO and organic plant-proteins, to explain the benefits of transparency on a recent episode of “American Farmer” on RFD TV.

Safety Two Ways
The segment is about food safety, which, with increasing news about tainted food and water, has become a top concern among consumers.

From the perspective of World Food Processing, food safety has to do with the creation of foods that are good for your body and don’t take up large amounts of resources to return smaller amounts of nutrition.

Frequentz supports that view of food safety, and adds one of its own: food safety is also about keeping close track of food as it makes the voyage from farm (or sea) to plate. It’s about making sure that vegetables are grown where and how the labels say they are, that fish are harvested in a way that protects the health of the oceans and of the people who catch and process the fish.

View the segment from “American Farmer” and see how companies can work together to help meet consumer demands for safe, earth-friendly, and nutritional foods.

For more information about ensuring the safety of our foods, check out our previous blog post, “From Seed to Table Traceability.

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