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Here at Frequentz, traceability and serialization is what we do. It’s the only thing we do. And we do it with a proven technology originally developed by IBM, then refined and customized in ways available to us here in the heart of the Silicon Valley.  That is a powerful combination that we bring to companies in the pharmaceutical industry searching for the best way to meet regulatory and safety requirements in countries around the world.

Frequentz’s cloud-based solution IRIS (Information Repository & Intelligence Server) has been generating and tracking serial numbers for pharma since 2007—a history that very few (if any) pharma technology companies can match.

Meeting regulations set by the governments of countries you sell into is serious business and requires an equally serious and standards-based approach. As the only industry provider on its 4th generation of EPCIS-based code, we know exactly how to meet this global challenge.

Be wary of other solutions providers who downplay the seriousness and complexity or aren’t native in their approach to EPCIS.  As they say, the devil is in the details. IRIS addresses the details, but provides you with a solution that does it in the background and gives you the view you need to run your business as we track, trace, store and analyze your data.

Pharma is a global business, and every country in the world wants to protect the safety of their citizens.
This is also core to our approach.  As a global company, we stay in tune with governments all over the world and commit to translate their regulations into our IRIS platform so pharmaceutical companies can have one solution to use globally.

We’ve been helping pharma companies over the past decade uphold their brands by protecting the safety of their customers and are committed to being the leader in traceability for pharma for years to come.

Watch a short video to see how IRIS works for pharma.

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John Schultz

About John Schultz
John Schultz serves as Senior Vice President of Sales at Frequentz. Mr. Schultz holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science from Vanderbilt University. Prior to joining Frequentz, he built pharmaceutical and healthcare expertise during an eight-year span at IMS Health in the U.S., Europe and Middle East.  Prior to his concentration in healthcare, John spent 20 years in Sales, Marketing and Services at IBM, both in the U.S. and in Europe.


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    It sounds like a great solution. I was wondering if you would view few other products as complementary to your products/capabilities to deliver a complete solution to some of your clients. I am referring to the data loggers, that records the data automatically in a non-intrusive way – So no printing or reading smart barcodes, etc. Here is my email, if you think we should chat once…

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