New Video: Using International Standards to Enable Global Trading

Cargo ShipToday’s supply chains are becoming more and more globalized. Products such as produce and fish routinely travel through several countries before reaching their final destinations. Drugs may be manufactured in India, and then distributed in the U.S. and in China. These global supply chains open up new markets. At the same time, they require companies to comply with regulations that are as different as the countries they market to.

As our new video explains, the integration of supply chain information between trading partners becomes increasingly challenging when done across national borders. Because individual countries and companies treat information differently, the integration layers that tie them together must be flexible and adaptable.

IRIS addresses these challenges by conforming to international standards such as GS1 Electronic Product Code Information System (EPCIS) and the GS1 Tag Data Standard. With consistent use of these standards, companies can better understand what is happening throughout the supply chain with their trading partners. Many countries are mandating the use of the GS1 standards for this very reason.

Frequentz designed IRIS (Information Repository & Information Server) to be an EPCIS-compliant system. In fact, since GS1 introduced the EPCIS standard, our IRIS developers have been active in the creation and maintenance of these standards.

IRIS can also support other national standards. Chinese CFDA serial numbering scheme is built into IRIS. And since many governments mandate specific formats to be used when reporting on pharmaceutical manufacturing, we’ve given IRIS the flexibility to adapt to those formats as well.

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Art Kaufmann
About Art Kaufmann

Art Kaufmann serves as Chief Software Architect at Frequentz. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from UCLA.  Prior to Frequentz, Art was Senior Software Engineer for IBM’s Infosphere Traceability Server and Software Engineer for FileTek, a provider of large-scale storage virtualization, data management, and information governance solutions.  Art also enjoyed a long tenure at Teradata, the world’s leading analytic data solutions company, where he was Senior Software Engineer. Art is an active member in the GS1 US Healthcare Secure Supply Chain Working Group and the GS1 EPCIS 1.1. Standards Maintenance Working Group.


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