Global Compliance for Middle East: Promising Start, Great Intentions

Map of Middle EastAfter taking a “virtual compliance journey” via my blog posts to India, China and Brazil, I have to express my appreciation for the progress made in some of the Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and Egypt related to serialization/anti counterfeit efforts.  The GS1 Global Healthcare meeting in Dubai in April of this year was a very valuable source in these efforts.

While the countries mentioned above are showing positive inclination toward achieving compliance, they are in various stages of starting the program, with much of the details still being worked out. Challenges happen to be plentiful—from product identifications to supply chain clarity and lack of general awareness of the counterfeiting in the pharma products.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and Egypt are all complying with GS1 encoding and mandates for global interoperability, with marking on secondary packaging, the actual details on reporting, centralized databases and other requirements are still works in progress. UAE has expressed the requirements for medical packs and also defined additional needs over GS1 mandates that may be considered nonstandard (e.g., use of QR codes on packaging is mandated), although the overall packaging requirements are still considered optional. So for all of this group, the actions they take in next couple of years will provide a more concrete outlook as far as requirements for pharma doing business in the region.

Saudi looks to be the first in the finish line in 2017 for serialization, followed by Egypt in 2019, and then Jordan, which plans to be there by 2020. With that said, Frequentz can help you with your global compliance in these regions.

Frequentz’s single platform can help you achieve compliance anywhere around the world.  Frequentz’s fourth-generation, standard-based EPCIS platform has both the product maturity and the stable design to put you in control of your data. Architected by IBM engineers, our platform has the scalability to support your large data volumes and, with the private cloud, the flexibility to support your custom configuration and release installation.

With our IRIS solution in a private cloud, hosted from the U.S. or your data center, we give your quality folks complete control over site audits and infrastructure qualification, and give your IT folks control over DR and other IT procedures.

In summary, we provide a solution that offers:
• Local support in your own time zone
• Local implementation teams
• Local development
• Your choice of your own local data center with your own dedicated hardware
• Local hosting, if desired, to allow you to choose your own secure protocols

Frequentz offers these options to give you maximum control over your data and ensure global compliance. Contact Frequentz today to determine which solution works best for you.

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Ranjit Pradhan

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