On December 5th, 2017, rfxcel acquired certain assets of Frequentz. rfxcel is a leading supply chain traceability provider for the healthcare, food, and beverage industry.


In all industries, businesses search for actionable intelligence and insights to help them improve their products and processes. rfxcel provides visibility into products and processes by capturing Big Data and supplying corresponding analytics that turns data into insight. This visibility is imperative to maximizing efficiency in all industries that utilize supply chains to bring products to market.


Life Sciences

In the heavily regulated and scrutinized life sciences industry, we help companies achieve compliance and provide them with the insights they need to maximize patient safety and data security.

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With major issues surrounding seafood labeling, socially responsible sourcing, and sustainable practices, our solutions allow fishermen and processors to confidently stand behind their products.

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Food traceability solutions bring growers, processors, and retailers the visibility needed to improve food supply chain management and quickly respond to food safety events and recalls.

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With healthy lifestyles and allergenic substitutes in greater demand than ever before, we help companies producing beverages validate their processes and ingredients.

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From product source to manufactured output, retailers use our solutions to provide the visibility to their consumers about the quality products they demand.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Inventory management and ingredient traceability are major complexities of the CPG industry, and with our verification solutions companies can now focus on providing their consumers greater products.

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By implementing rfxcel’s solutions, our clients also receive the benefit of complying with the latest government regulations on product serialization, sharing product chain of custody data with trading partners, and support in becoming GS1 certified — to name a few. Our solutions have been tested by companies both large and small in order to maintain brand integrity and customer safety.

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