Recent technology advances such as the ability to cold-press fresh fruits and vegetables, along with the mainstreaming of health benefit information about everything from acai berries to coconut water, has redefined and exponentially grown the beverage industry.  Amid this growth, however, ingredient authenticity and foodborne illnesses continue to be among consumers’ greatest concerns. If not handled properly, these concerns can be detrimental to manufactures’ ability to gain consumer trust and grow the industry.  In this scenario, origin and verifiability become that much more important.

Why Companies Select Us:

Superior EPCIS System

While still being flexible enough to adapt to those businesses that have not implemented the EPCIS 1.1 standards, our software uses elements such as GLNs for location, GTINs for trade items, and SSCCs for shipping containers to enable you to track beverages on a globally accepted platform.

Full-featured Integration

Our solution offers full-featured integration that can capture the origin of data, monitor all existing and future inputs, validate data and attributes, and import lab tests to help you better identify supply chain processes.

Global Data Flexibility

Our solution was built to the exacting specification put forth by GS1 Global, which enforces the use of GS1 encodings. Our solution also supports other encodings to help you meet global needs for precise information on transportation location and timing.

Robust Performance

Our solutions handle a wide range of out-of-the-box and customized operations. Our API integrations open public web services, providing you with the flexibility to share information with ERP and WMS systems—and to make sure that the information fits within your network topology. Our solutions are designed to adapt seamlessly to any vertical or horizontal expansions.

Complete Serial Number Management

Our easy-to-use solutions enable you to generate serial numbers randomly or sequentially using both numeric and alphanumeric, and gives you the ability to import serial numbers.

Leading Mobile Solutions

By capturing events via our mobile solutions, you gain visibility into your supply chain activities and are better able to track what is happening. This digital record our solutions compile streamlines compliance by making it possible to electronically show and share traceability information with observers, inspectors, and regulatory bodies.

Why Our Solutions Matter:

Frequentz solutions give manufacturers extensive visibility into their supply chain, enabling properly monitored production transparency from source to consumption. Our food traceability solutions reliably help manufacturers show the source and location of their food and beverage products in real-time, assisting in recall management. Our mobile solution and consumer engagement tools can assist in targeted marketing, messaging, and incentives.

Our track-and-trace solutions naturally lead to better responses to recall events. By being able to quickly query and trace units or lots by scanning or entering product codes, and by knowing who received recalled goods, we help manufacturers significantly reduce their recall costs and minimize any potential impact on growers that recalls can pose.

Our technologies can be seen tracking fruit from harvest, through shipping, to broker—even generating serial numbers for immediate PTI compliance. They can also be seen tracing the origin of products from multiple suppliers. Scalable and customizable, our solutions can be used in specific parts of a supply chain or throughout an entire enterprise regardless of size or volume. Our cost-effective solution models are designed to adhere to GS1 reporting standards and to the most advanced Product Master Data setup.

The safe future of the food and products we consume depends on being able to capture as much Big Data as possible about these perishable products as they move through the supply chain. The data that Frequentz solutions capture helps companies limit the exposure of foodborne illnesses and contamination and gain predictive insights into inventory demands.