The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) market continues to grow and redefine itself. Whether they label their products as natural, organic, healthy or safe, manufacturers are being pressured to prove these claims. By capturing event data starting at raw material sourcing, businesses acquire the information they need to stand behind their labels. Producers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers are seeing the increasing need for product tracking software to help their businesses acquire this critical information.

Why Companies Select Us:

Superior EPCIS System

While still being flexible enough to adapt to those businesses that have not yet implemented the EPCIS 1.1 standards, our software uses elements including GLNs for location, GTINs for trade items, and SSCCs for shipping containers to track products on a globally accepted platform.

Full-featured Integration

Our solution offers full-featured integration that can capture the origin of data and place it in a XML document to create seamless integration with extension elements such as trading partners, intersystem WMS communications, and  any line system.

Global Data Flexibility

Our solution was built to the exacting specification put forth by GS1 Global which enforces the use of GS1 encodings. But it has the ability to support other encodings to meet global needs, including the flexibility to send data in formats that comply with differing government agency regulations.

Robust Performance

Our solutions are built to scale to meet volume demands, both horizontally and vertically. They can handle a wide range of out-of-the-box and customized operations including API integrations with ERP and WMS systems—whether processing 100 transactions a month or millions of transactions a minute.

Complete Serial Number Management

Our easy-to-use solutions enable each product to be mapped to a different user or group of users. And they enable specific rules referencing a subset of the serial numbers associated to a product to be mapped to a specific user.

Leading Mobile Solutions

By capturing events via our mobile solutions, we provide visibility into supply chain activities and make it easier to track what is happening. Our mobile solution streamlines compliance by making it possible to digitally show and share traceability information with observers, inspectors, and regulatory bodies.

Why Our Solutions Matter:

Our CPG business intelligence and reporting framework helps businesses better respond to and manage authenticity issues, supply chain management challenges, and manufacturing overruns.

Our track-and-trace solution can capture event data and share unique product attributes, such as nutrition and ingredient information. CPG manufacturers can couple our repository and reporting functions with our mobile app and consumer engagement capabilities and begin targeting message and incentives directly to consumers. Our trading partner network portal streamlines business-to-business integration, allowing businesses to securely connect with all upstream and downstream trading partners to ensure an efficient supply chain. Integrating in this manner reduces redundancies and prevents information silos, and helps verify that partners are adhering to social initiatives such as Fair Trade.

The benefits of our solutions reach across your organization. From Operations to Risk Management, Finance, Sourcing and Procurement, Sustainability, Quality Control, and Management, our solutions keep your supply chain stakeholders in the know, your consumers confident about their food, and your business running smoothly.