As the number of people who rely on the authenticity of their medication continues to rise, companies are grasping the importance of selecting the right solution providers. These providers need to be able to handle the demands of intricate, globe-spanning supply chains. And they must have the ability to stay rigorously up to date on ever-changing, nation-specific traceability regulations.

Why Companies Select Us:

Superior EPCIS System

The Frequentz experts who created our IRIS software also helped write the EPCIS standards. You can feel confident that our software adheres to GS1 standards and within a globally accepted format for pharmaceutical serialization.

Full-featured Integration

Our secure integration measures help safeguard products from malicious diversion, interception, switched labels, and more. IRIS can control not only which events you share with each partner, but also the attributes within each event you choose to share.

Global Data Flexibility

Our solutions offer agnostic global regulatory formatting and are configured to communicate with each country’s web service interfaces. The solutions include extension points that allow for future integration and communication with countries that have yet to come on line.

Robust Performance

With guaranteed uptime, our best-in-class software increases operational efficiencies, including quick turnaround on answers/queries on returns and timely investigation of suspect product and recalls.  Our software also increases the physical efficiency of production, shipping, receiving, etc. Overall, our goal is to help you to get your efficiency levels back to where they were before serialization was mandated.

Complete Serial Number Management

Our solutions’ ensured unique algorithms accomplish three things. First, they help you stay ahead of counterfeiting activities. Second, they enable you to adjust your serial number application process to the serial number-generation guidelines of the countries you supply products to. And, finally, they enable you to apply serial numbers you have received from your trading partners.

Leading Mobile Solutions

Our solutions offer customizable mobile extension for unprecedented product safety, consumer safety, and brand protection. By making it easy for consumers or anyone within your supply chain to verify a product or shipment, we make it easy for them to trust you.

Why Our Solutions Matter:

We address all of the major pedigree usage scenarios that pharmaceutical companies must prepare for to achieve faster compliance and greater operational efficiencies. We remain nimble so that we can help you quickly adapt to current and emerging laws. And we enable you to move quickly in an international marketplace governed by country specific traceability regulations. IRIS makes it easy for you to comply with these requirements by extracting necessary event data captured in our repository and repurposing it to meet specific country reporting standards.

Track-and trace-implementation remains unique to each country, industry, business and/or business location. IRIS takes a granular approach to data collection by managing both lot-level identification and item-level serialization. In the case of pharmaceuticals, where DSCSA regulations mandated lot-level in 2015 (while transitioning to serialization in 2017), IRIS can ensure continuity and compliance going forward.

Our solutions are GS1 certified. As a leader in the development of the EPCIS 1.0 Standard in 2006, and now the EPCIS 1.1 Standard, our solutions are built to comply with country reporting anywhere around the globe, and can adhere to unit-level or lot-level requirements. We’re deployable through a hosted private cloud, an on-premise database, or a hybrid of each. Using a client’s existing infrastructure and investment, we remain ERP and Middleware agnostic. We offer our solution as hosted or on-site, and uniquely in a private cloud for data safety and independent validation procedures. We’re members of GS1 and sit next to you at the EPCIS 1.1 Revision meetings. If you have questions about the U.S.A. DSCSA or another mandate, our compliance managers will guide you through 2015 requirements and beyond. Whether you require unit-level or lot-level requirements, our tested repository has sustained more than 468 billion event queries per second.

Our verification portal for downstream pharmaceutical trading partners supports 67% of all pharmaceuticals distributed across the United States. This provides visibility into a drug’s chain of custody/pedigree. Trading partner networks allow for quick and easy supplier integration, and can include up to hundreds of Contract Manufacturers (CMOs) that big pharmaceutical manufacturers often have. The ease of integration is because IRIS supports HDMA 856ASN, EPCIS XML files and, of course, Country Reporting.

From pharmaceuticals and medical devices to general health & wellness products, Frequentz can help Life Science businesses maintain compliance and track the products that help people lead healthy lives. Our solutions are focused on helping businesses get vital products safely into the hands of consumers and patients. Our extended mobile solutions put safety right in patients’ hands by enabling them to use their smart phones to authenticate medicine, receive promotional announcements, adhere to refills, and receive important targeted messaging.