Today, as purchasing decisions are made more on the basis of health-related factors than price, the power of influence is shifting from retailers to consumers. Factors such as origin and product verifiability are increasingly impacting retailers’ bottom-lines and driving retailers to meet their customer demand through global product tracking software. Retailers are also realizing that global product-tracking software can be instrumental in improving productivity, product quality, and profitability by providing comprehensive data across all of their locations.

Why Companies Select Us:

Superior EPCIS System

While still being flexible enough to adapt to those businesses that have not yet implemented the EPCIS 1.1 standards, our software uses elements including GLNs for location, GTINs for trade items, and SSCCs for shipping containers to track products on a globally accepted platform.

Full-featured Integration

Our solution offers full-featured integration that can capture the origin of data and place it in a XML document to create seamless integration with extension elements such as trading partners, intersystem WMS communications, and  any line system.

Global Data Flexibility

Our solution was built to the exacting specification put forth by GS1 Global which enforces the use of GS1 encoding. But it has the ability to support other encodings to meet global needs, including the flexibility to send data in formats that comply with differing government agency requirements.

Robust Performance

Our solutions are built to scale to meet volume demands, both horizontally and vertically. They can handle a wide range of out of the box and customized operations, including API integrations with ERP and WMS systems—whether processing 100 transactions a month or millions of transactions a minute.

Complete Serial Number Management

Our easy-to-use solutions enable each product to be mapped to a different user or group of users. And they enable specific rules that reference a subset of the serial numbers associated to a product to be mapped to a specific user.

Leading Mobile Solutions

By allowing for autocomplete, prefilled data selections, and custom data configurations, our mobile solutions improve data capture performance and data recall, and reduce the amount of time spent writing, copying, and sorting through paper records. Traveling with users to the most critical points in their process, our mobile solutions reduce the lag between the actual and reported event times by transmitting these events as they happen.

Why Our Solutions Matter:

Frequentz solutions provide manufacturers with extensive visibility into their supply chain, enabling properly monitored production transparency from source to consumption. Our food-traceability solutions reliably help manufacturers show the source and location of their food and beverage products in real-time, assisting in recall management. Our mobile solution and consumer engagement tools can assist in targeted marketing, messaging, and incentives.

Our platform has many benefits to fit your unique process.  In terms of ability to deploy, we can be hosted through a private cloud, on-premise, or with a hybrid solution. Used by many of the most well-known brands, both big and small, our customizable platform has a proven ability to scale. On the farm, in the warehouse, and across the supply chain, you’ll see our traceability solutions work with and add value to your current operations.

Benefits of implementing a traceability solution at the retail level include: building more trust with retail customers through ensuring the authenticity of their purchases, enabling more efficient and swifter responses to product recalls, and spotlighting the entire supply chain, especially in seafood, to eliminate unsustainable practices.