Europe and the United States lead other nations in supporting sustainable fishing. Several European and U.S. agencies are working together to develop comprehensive, end-to-end traceability requirements that will require seafood labels to include production method and specific area caught or farmed. Our traceability solutions provide value beyond trading partner and regulatory compliance by adhering to international regulations and country specific reporting, while bringing insight into efficiencies to increase profits.

Why Companies Select Us:

Superior EPCIS System

Using elements like GLNs for location, GTINs for trade items, and SSCCs for shipping containers, our software integrates with fishing boats, suppliers, and processors. By being able to capture and manage catch information on globally accepted platform, we make it easier for you to realize the true value of a catch.

Full-featured Integration

We are able to implement one solution to capture all potential data and events, including the assimilation of all of the features a vessel would need to capture the same type of data.


Global Data Flexibility

Having one globally accepted solution implemented to capture all potential data & events, regardless of port of landing, provides even small producers more opportunities to compete in the global seafood marketplace.

Robust Performance

Our solutions increase operational efficiencies by handling broad, field industry-specific configurations to enable pertinent process information to be captured and transmitted. Our solutions are designed to scale both horizontally and vertically to meet your changing volume demands.

Complete Serial Number Management

Whether initially configured by your team or ours, our easy-to-use solutions can be adjusted after setup to ensure that your serial numbers are generated with 100% accuracy.

Leading Mobile Solutions

Our customizable mobile extension offers unprecedented features such as enabling fishermen to capture source data where network connections aren’t always available. This feature alone allows fishermen to capture all of product collection points—even in remote locations, which is crucial to tracking product events.

Why Our Solutions Matter:

We expanded our IRIS solution to provide the seafood industry with the critical track-and-tracing technologies needed to manage a seafood supply chain. Today our tracing capabilities help companies in their sustainability initiatives while adhering to GS1 Global Standards.

Beginning with the catch location, method, and species, our solutions make sure that seafood’s unique identifiers travel along the chain of custody to processors and restaurants. In doing so, our solutions help protect legal fisheries and identify gaps where illegally caught fish can enter the supply chain.

Many believe that DNA testing is the ultimate way to test in Seafood. To ensure our partners can test, and then store the testing and verification data, Frequentz has partnered with one of the world’s premier lab-testing companies. As a central repository of this data and more, our solutions enable your company to adhere to multiple reporting formats from multiple international suppliers.