Track and Trace Solution for Returnable Asset Management

Standardized, reusable containers have become increasingly popular among manufacturers and their trading partners to transport goods and drive efficiency throughout a supply chain. These containers are durable and reusable, and because they require little to no maintenance, they offer many benefits to manufacturers and suppliers, however the issues associated with managing these containers pose many challenges for manufacturers. Suppliers struggle with the challenges of reducing surplus stock, locating damaged or lost containers, and identifying solutions that resolve these issues. Frequentz has a solution. Built on IRIS, the Returnable Asset Management application (eRAM) enables companies to manage their supply chains using new data, offering scorecards, dashboards, and reports to set expectations and clearly identify cycle and turnaround times and inadequate performance by trading partners and suppliers. By reducing turnaround time, loss, and expendable packaging and increasing the accuracy of cost allocation, a container management system can potentially produce a positive ROI in no time.

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