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Global Flexibility

At Frequentz, we believe that accountability and integrity drive the global traceability needs for businesses. Learn about our IRIS technology that helps seamlessly integrate and scale across systems to prevent supply chain disruptions and meet industry global regulations.

Serial Number Management with IRIS

Most companies need to serialize their data as products move through the supply chain to completely track and trace product flow. Let our IRIS solution help your business provide valuable end-to-end insights into your supply chain.

IRIS: Pharmaceutical Track and Trace Technology

IRIS, Information Repository & Intelligence Server, is our track and trace, serialization and verification solution. IRIS is dynamic and configurable to achieve global regulatory compliance in real time.

Frequentz Featured on American Farmer Episode

Did you know that 60-70% of all processed foods on U.S. grocery shelves contain genetically modified ingredients? Watch this video to learn more about how Frequentz assists with ensuring consumers are well aware of the food we eat, and how World Food Processing controls bringing the best plant-based proteins for consumers and customers around the globe.

The Story of Frequentz

Frequentz is the most comprehensive solution to transparently track, trace, store and analyze product movement throughout the supply chain.

Frequentz – Track Your Business Details | NewsWatch Review

Frequentz puts traceability into your hands with its mobile application. The app provides technology to track every point of the supply chain.