IRIS, Information Repository & Intelligence Server, is our track and trace, serialization and verification solution. IRIS captures, stores and analyzes product event data, at the unit or lot level, as a product moves throughout a supply chain. Once captured, this event data can be shared with a business’s trading partners to provide visibility into a product’s chain of custody. This visibility can be utilized for regulatory compliance, business insights, brand protection and customer safety. Additionally, the data used for this visibility is easily captured or queried through your existing interfaces – or we can assist you in evaluating your interface integration options.


We are certified, active members of both the GS1 US and GS1 Global solutions committees.
Our roots date back to being a leader in the development of the EPCIS 1.0 Standard in 2006, we are currently EPCIS 1.1 compliant, and we are continuing that commitment by actively participating in the EPCIS revisions.

Compliance and Continuity

Frequentz’s solutions meet global standards and regulations. These include recent FDA (US) regulations and the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), China serialization mandates, EU Food Traceability Regulation 178, and many more.

Internationally, country-specific agencies have different requirements put in place to review product traceability data that is captured. IRIS complies with these requirements by extracting the necessary event data captured in our repository and repurposing it to meet specific country reporting standards.

Track and trace implementation remains unique to each country, industry, business and/or business location. IRIS takes a granular approach to data collection by managing both lot-level identification and item-level serialization. In the case of pharmaceuticals, where DSCSA regulations mandate lot-level in 2015, but transition to serialization in 2017, IRIS can ensure continuum and compliance going forward.


IRIS makes business-to-business integration simple. Your business can securely connect with all upstream, downstream and contract manufacturers or suppliers through our trading partner network portal. This portal interprets and translates trading partner product data, regardless of format, for quick supplier integration.

For DSCSA compliance, this data can be received through an Advanced Shipping Notice (HDMA 856ASN), EPCIS XML or through a web interface. This allows you and your trading partners to interoperate seamlessly.


We look at scalability in terms of volume and footprint. In regards to volume, IRIS has been tested to handle 468 billion event queries per second. Even if you have hundreds of partners and contract manufacturers sending event data into IRIS simultaneously, our repository can manage the volume with impressive performance metrics.

The IRIS infrastructure has been built to scale, from pilot to full enterprise deployment, and without any loss of functionality. We are capable of executing an internal solution or one that includes outsourced manufacturing, packaging, distribution and Point of Sale facilities from raw materials to consumers.


IRIS is deployable as a hosted solution through a private cloud, as an on-premise solution, or as a customized hybrid of both. Our deployment options ensure the privacy and security of a business’s valuable data, and allows for Quality Assurance, independent verification and validation procedures. This not only provides you with the confidence in keeping your data secure, but also allows your company to operate with the confidence of being able to pass any technical and software audits.


We understand the countless working parts that lie below and alongside enterprise software. IRIS has been built to integrate seamlessly with existing ERP, Middleware, Master, and Product Data Management solutions. Moreover, external data can be inserted into the repository and analyzed against event data captured within IRIS using our business intelligence and reporting framework. Examples of this external data include lab testing, weather conditions, consumer patterns, cold chain monitoring, and more.

Our IRIS Platform enables customers to comply with global regulations, including:


Frequentz puts product authenticity in the palm of consumers’ hands. Through mobile applications, we’re providing intelligence anytime, anywhere.

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Track and Trace

IRIS captures the who, what, where and when data as a product moves throughout its supply chain lifecycle.

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As the most advanced and mature software on the market, IRIS meets all serialization needs from number generation to importation and allocation.

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By combining track and trace technologies with serialization, we enable businesses the ability to verify the authenticity of their products while providing insight into a product’s chain of custody.

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Our business intelligence and reporting framework tools provide meaningful insights to the vast amounts of event data captured by IRIS.

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