By capturing events via our mobile solutions, we provide visibility into Supply Chain activities and make it easier to track what is happening. This streamlines compliance by making it possible to electronically show and share traceability information with observers, inspectors, and regulatory bodies from digitizing these records. By operating on a variety of mobile devices, our mobile solutions have the ability to reach the most remote areas of the planet and put traceability into the hands of people that otherwise would have no way to participate in a global traceability network. We offer access to supply chain event activity to partners through the same capture and query interfaces that the use to collect and share data, simplifying the communication between partners.

WMS and ERP Systems Integration

Our solutions complement and work with a business’s existing management systems, therefore, reducing impact on business processes while also ensuring the integrity of complete traceability. Our API enables integration, which allows us to maintain scale and achieve interoperability with other traceability systems for complete transparency.

Configurable Data Capture

Configurable data capture application ensures that businesses are able to capture relevant data, and do so in a manner that does not become a burden on their business or their trading partners. This includes avoiding manual data entry or duplicative procedures for recording event data.

Traceability Back to Product Origin

Our solutions facilitate a stronger connection between producer and product by increasing visibility, which can strengthen the amount of ownership and responsibility that producers feel about their products. By putting our solutions at product origin points, we create a bi-directional connection between Consumer and Producer.

GS1 and non-GS1 Standards Compliance

Our solutions maintain both GS1 and non-GS1 data standards for interoperability and compliance needs. Mastery of GS1 data standards and EPCIS formatting allows businesses to connect with partners of all sizes, and gives them confidence that our solution will be a fit with current and future business partners.

3rd Party Database Integration

Traceability Data can return tremendous value, and our reporting tools allow retailers and wholesalers to combine the data with 3rd Party databases to help enforce sourcing policies, including legality of catch, vessel blacklists, sustainable fishing tools and others. Other data streams such as DNA test results and storage temperature data help ensure Quality and Authenticity. Lastly, drawing on these databases allows businesses to see how reputable 3rd parties have evaluated their sources for risk.

Import/Export Assessment Tools

We monitor all global reporting systems’ requirements and ensure that our solutions are continually updated to be able to send required reporting data to the collecting agencies and governing bodies, ensuring global compliance.


Information Repository & Intelligence Server (IRIS) is our track and trace, serialization and verification solution. IRIS captures, stores and analyzes product event data as a product moves throughout a supply chain.

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Track and Trace

IRIS captures the who, what, where and when data as a product moves throughout its supply chain lifecycle.

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As the most advanced and mature software on the market, IRIS meets all serialization needs from number generation to importation and allocation.

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By combining track and trace technologies with serialization, we enable businesses the ability to verify the authenticity of their products while providing insight into a product’s chain of custody.

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Our business intelligence and reporting framework tools provide meaningful insights to the vast amounts of event data captured by IRIS.

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