To have real-time information regarding a product’s movement through its lifecycle, products need to be uniquely marked. Serialization is the marking of products with unique and unpredictable codes.

IRIS’s product serialization platform is on its 4th iteration. We’ve built the most advanced and mature serialization software on the market.

Features include:

Serial Number Importation:
IRIS can import and manage serial numbers provided by external 3rd parties (i.e. Ministries of Health, CMOs, China, etc.).

Serial Number Generation:
IRIS has the engine to generate unique serial numbers internally, without having to involve a business’s existing ERP or WMS software.

Serial Number Allocation:
Once numbers are imported or generated, IRIS allocates the requested numbers to production lines, contract-manufacturing facilities, or other locations based on established rights and permissions. Once the numbers are applied, the product’s shipping data is sent back through IRIS to confirm all serial numbers match. This reduces the ease at which counterfeit products can enter the supply chain.

Centralized Serialization Data Repository:
IRIS is able to capture and store all serialization and/or aggregation data sent from the site level systems, validate the data, provide monitoring, and create alerts in the case of any failure or breach.

Serialized Data Messaging and Reporting:
Our solutions provide reporting capabilities needed to meet various market regulatory requirements, business reporting requirements and product authentication requirements.

3rd Party Repository Integration:
IRIS can feed (push) defined sets of data to other external 3rd party repositories. Moreover, IRIS supports the exchange (pull) of serialized data with 3rd parties. Our solutions can also be used for electronic voucher (eVoucher) authentication to support loyalty programs. IRIS can import the unique IDs used by a business for their eVoucher creation, and at the Point of Sale, eVoucher codes can be scanned to query the IRIS repository to ensure the eVoucher is authentic.

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