Track and trace software captures and shares critical product data with upstream and downstream trading partners. IRIS captures event data, populates its repository and allows for that data to be queried. This event data follows GS1 EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Service) standards, capturing five (5) attributes in each event:

Who: The business or operation that currently has the product or lot in its possession
What: The product or lot’s unique number to identify what is being tracked
Where: The location of the product or lot at the time of data capture
When: The date and time of data captured
Why: The business step, specific identifier, relevant transaction, type of master data, and/or another user-defined information.

Within each business location, several critical events per product or lot will take place. Events are filtered into different categories, which include object events, aggregation events, transaction events and transformation events.

These events are captured in any format and converted to EPCIS and stored within our repository, and can be securely shared with, or queried by, supply chain partner in order to show visibility and movement of a serialized product or a unique lot of products. Just like the capturing of the events, this information can be queried in the desired and needed format or method.

Within a business’s four walls, these events create visibility of a product or lot’s movement. This is called internal traceability and allows companies to measure efficiency, take spot checks, and gain insights into their own processes. External traceability is established as a product moves downstream, and events are captured from trading partner to trading partner and are crucial for assessing predictive inventory models. Both of these traceability scenarios are ideal for complying with government regulations as compliance officers can easily check the authenticity and validity of any product at any stage in the supply chain.

The blend of internal and external traceability data is the foundation on which track and trace software is grounded. By labeling each item tracked with a unique serial number, valuable insights into end-to-end supply chains and important business processes can be established.

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