Let us do the tracking to pinpoint, predict, and protect.

Our track and trace, serialization and verification software solutions capture, store and analyze product event data, at the unit or lot level, as a product moves for optimal supply chain management.

Compliance Driven

A member of GS1 and leader in EPCIS standards since 2006, we can guide you through any new track and trace requirements.

Unprecedented Mobility

IRIS’s portability helps you offer transparency and precision via on-site data capture, differentiating your brand to today’s conscious consumers.

Full-Featured Integration

Without disrupting workflow, IRIS integrates seamlessly with existing systems, even entire ecosystems, using agnostic, secure and reliable extension points.

Serial Number Management

Accurately import serial numbers with an easily configured system that can also generate randomized or sequential, numeric or alphanumeric numbers.

Global Data Flexibility

Built to meet all your needs for track and trace global data reporting and sharing requirements, IRIS offers unmatched performance and reliability in configuration, reporting, encoding and more.

Robust Performance

Built to meet the highest standards, IRIS is available either on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid of the two to suit your supply chain management needs.

See how it works

See how it works

Watch a short video to learn how our track and trace, serialization and verification software captures, stores and analyzes product event data, at the unit or lot level, as a product moves for optimal supply chain management.

What our customers say…

“We chose to align ourselves with Frequentz for many reasons. They have given us a tool that supports our business globally by providing valuable insights into our supply chain, while demonstrating to our customers that we care about ensuring the authenticity of their purchase.”

Hans Juergen Matern

Vice President, Head of Corporate Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs, METRO Group.

Logo - Marbelize
“For us being as transparent as possible is a very important component to our success. Frequentz’s product tracking software provides us with that transparency and will be essential in pushing the seafood industry forward.”

Andres Cuka

Marbelize, COO

“We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality fruit while stil
l maintaining responsible and sustainable agricultural practices in every step of the supply chain. Frequentz’s traceability software delivers the transparency we need in order to confirm that both our produce and procedures continue to meet the highest level of standards”

Ingrid Lopez

One Banana, Logistics Director


EU vs. US Pharma Regulations

While there are many similarities between the two markets, there are also significant differences. This white paper compares these two sets of regs and helps you understand how to comply with both.

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